Permanent Master Batches is an industry leader in Innovation technologies. This specifically includes our long history of working with fine particle technologies, ranging from tens of nanometers to several microns. Our expertise can provide improvements in all facets of product performance, including improved dispersion stability, enhanced color, stable viscosity, controlled rheology, targeted surface effects and enhanced conductivity, to name a few.

In addition to developing our own proprietary color and additive technologies, Permanent Master Batches also works with our customers to provide custom solutions to their unique challenges. This enhances our client’s product portfolio by partnering to leverage the expertise of Permanent Master Batches and the client to meet specific market needs. The result is differentiated products with enhanced speed to market.

The product development process starts by partnering with our customers to agree upon project objectives, product specifications, deliverables and timelines. Design and development is then conducted with a focus on cost, function, aesthetics, environmental considerations, manufacturability and final product performance.

Permanent Master Batches has an extensive record of developing creative solutions to meet the specific challenges our customers face. This includes both the design of new products and the improvement and enhancement of existing technology.

Our corporate research center in Hatfield, PA is comprised of more than 40 professionals with advanced degrees in physics, chemistry (organic, inorganic and analytical) and engineering (chemical and mechanical). This broad skill set provides a unique perspective that drives creative solutions to complement our clients’ formulation and internal manufacturing capabilities.

To that end, customer feedback throughout every step of the design process is essential. This includes functional evaluation of the prototype samples to drive final design changes and implementation of improvements in preparation for final product validation.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations by not just delivering technical solutions, but being the most creative and responsive partner in the dispersion industry.

List Of Lab Testing Machine & Equipments:

2)Pantone Box
3)Melt Flow Index (MFI)
4)Muffle Furnace for Ash Content Measurement
5)Universal Testing Machine
6)Charpy Impact/ Izod Impact Tester
7)Spectra Light QC light booth
8)Twin Screw Extruder Machine
9)Two Roll Mill Machine